Test 3 – Faux Papier Mâché on slab built bowl

Test 3 - Faux Papier Mâché on slab built bowl

This bowl was made using a slab-built base with the slip & paper faux papier mâché technique that I am developing. The idea of this bowl was to both explore different methods of strengthening my bowl and produce a smoother interior surface suitable for the application of transfer prints. This bowl was unsuccessful in it’s endeavour as the paper pulled away from the surface during firing producing a very fragile surface texture. Unfortunately as it is, this texture is so fragile the bowl cannot be picked up without more chips coming away. I find this unfortunate because I think the texture it created is really beautiful. The flaking surface screams “decay” whilst the white porcelain simultaneously produces a calm and pure notion.

It would be excellent to see if this method could be used in the construction of a wall plaque protected from dust and decay by a glass covering.
It would also be interesting to see how much of this texture would survive the application of a transparent gloss glaze using the spray booth to see if it can be strengthened.
This piece has only been bisque fired… I wonder how much texture would survive the vitrification point if re-fired.


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