Test 2 – Faux Papier Mâché

Test 2 - Faux Papier Mâché

I produced this test to see if my faux papier mâché technique would work. As predicted, the bowl is very fragile in this bisque-fired state and has broken a little around the edges. I had another test that was made using thinner slip but that one was destroyed entirely in the kiln.
The difference between this and the destroyed bowl is that this bowl has an extra layer of slip that was applied to the outside using a paint brush.
However, I predict that with more applications of slip and paper around the rim (particularly if I can find a way to fold the paper in to the inside of the bowl) and a fairly thick application of a clear gloss glaze, the method would prove successful in producing a drinking bowl. The result will still be fragile but only to the same sort of extent of precious glassware… still suitable for adult use but will smash if dropped.


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