Making Porcelain leafs (Ivy Leaf)

1. Rolled out plastic porcelain between two pieces of paper, laid leaf on top and rolled finer still. Paper was carefully pealed away and leaf carefully pealed away with the aid of a scalpel. Result was slightly uneven, approx 0.6mm in thinnest areas and 1mm in thickest areas. (Whilst still wet) Method would be good for attaching clay leaf to pot whilst actual plant leaf is still in place, and then carefully removing the leaf once attached. Could also fire in combustible firing, however would this cause discolouring?

2. Attempting to use thin porcelain slip has not yet been sucessful – clay too fragile when so thin to peel back – could try firing with leaf in place?  Can successfully and easily peel away from plaster bat using metal kidney, but cannot peel back actual leaf.


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