Portraying Memory – Girl with Red Dress


The images above are variations of an image intended to portray joy, memory and the freedom of open spaces.
Inspired by a photograph of myself spinning round in a floaty red dress captured by a close friend, the images are constructed of a watercolour painting and photographs of landscape that were then edited together using Photoshop cs5. The photographs used were taken by myself in Ferryside (for the fields) and LLanstephan (for the beach). Both are places in Wales that I sometimes visit with friends or family, which hold fond memories.
The use of watercolour creates a sense of memory by abstracting the figure from the reality of the photograph. The pose of the figure adds an element of fun and freedom by capturing the motion of spinning around to make a dress swish around.

Critique: To improve this technique I need to use a thinner pen to avoid bleeding and to aid drawing the smaller lines such as the hands. More care and time should be spent on ensuring the figure appears proportionate. The initial pencil sketch for this image looked proportionate but then when the black ink was applied, it suddenly becomes more obvious where the figure doesn’t carry realistic proportions, for example the lighter red area of the breast should be significantly reduced and the waist underneath should be slightly enlarged.

Relation to ceramic practise: I feel this technique creates lovely images that would be ideal for having printed directly on to ceramic artefacts. To do so, the design must have a smooth surface area and must be relatively flat. (For example a cylindrical shape would still be easy to apply to, but a spherical shape would prove problematic.)


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